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D&AD 2023 New Blood Awards -

Heineken Brief

-Brand Identity

-Campaign Design


-Web Design 



This was a D&AD brief for Heineken x Design Bridge. The challenge was to use the beverage Icon to create a catalyst for conversation. We had to create brand experience that would bring people together and spark the change that they want to see, to create a fresher world.


This brief was a group project, with my course mate Maddi. Within this project I was involved in all aspects and participated in, brand identity, campaign design, copywriting, strategy and web design.


We are No Foul Play, a Heineken campaign where we want to spark the conversation about domestic abuse. At Heineken we are away that there is a clear correlation between alcohol consumption at sporting events and the increased rates of domestic violence reports, and we want to be the first to do something about it to really spark a change.


At Heineken, we will be partnering with UEFA Euros 2024 hosted in Germany. In a bid to spark conversation amongst the younger generations as well as the usual football goers. 

The Identity for the campaign utilises shapes that have been made up from  a deconstructed football pitch which suggest the chaos caused by the actions of individuals whilst directly tying in with the sport in an abstract way, this allowed for a more versatile and fluid identity. The colours are of a more neutral tone as this is a difficult conversation that requires empathy.

This is paired with short and clever copy writing that draws attention to issues whilst making them memorable, the copy writing also aims to encourage conversation as it is not aiming to blame or ostracise the veiwers.

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