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Hi, I am Nathan, I spend way too long sitting at my computer doing graphic design, and to be honest with you... I love it. I'm a doodler, film enthusiast and nature lover, when I'm not at my desk you will probably find me outdoors exploring trails and walks or a up a mountain .

I recently finished my degree in Graphic Design at the University of Hertfordshire where I developed a love for the small details, beautiful craft and clever ideas that really bring projects to life. I was developed many of my skills over the three years there, such as conceptual thinking, time management and problem solving. When it comes to any project I take on, I am always eager to push and improve.


I would say that I am most passionate about branding as I love the idea and world building that comes along with creating a strong brand identity, it's always great fun especially if the brief is challenging.


I will say I do enjoy designing posters for my walls, a plain wall is way too boring (I may be a little bit of a maximalist). That's a little bit about me, I hope you stay around to explore some of my work.



+ Design Internship at Catalyst Creative

+ Live projects for Catalyst Creative, D&AD and Studio Moross

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