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Live Brief with Catalyst Creative


-Visual Identity



Mad Pax is a sub brand that I created in response to a brief set by Catalyst Creative. The brief was to create a brand identity, products, a product launch as well as a series of out of home promotion for a Warner Brothers character. I had to gain a deeper understanding of the character and come up with an outcome that captured the essence of them and their world.


Mad Pax is a sub-brand based on the Warner Brothers character Mad Max Rockatansky. Capturing the raw and rough nature of Max Rockatansky in the new reboot of the iconic Mad Max Franchise. The brand looks to help young adults survive the harsh urban environment that they must navigate everyday.


The brand specialises in providing durable and rugged backpacks with the purpose of 'surviving the everyday' these streetwear bags allow you to carry all the items you will need throughout the day whilst also bringing a bit of the rough and tough grit from the Mad Max universe. There is also an extended collection of bum bags or water bottle to help tackle the norm. Outside of the bags, Mad Pax will be launching its brand at the Burning Man festival, the most appropriate event with its daring and harsh environment, road warrior vehicles and large stages allowing users to be fully immersed in the realm of Mad Max.. We are also taking over Selfridges as this brand is all about urban survival and it definitely 'Ain't Easy', see our posters and billboards around the city of London.


The visuals for Mad Pax are heavily inspired by the rough wasteland and harshness of his world. With skulls, wasteland and piercing white skies combined with an urban twist to create an eye-catching and gritty identity.

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