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Third Year University Project

-Visual Identity



Dama Dama was my response to a brief called Space is the place. The brief was to conduct research into spaces that were not being used or utilised to its full potential and come up with an Idea of what It could be repurposed for. I had to create a new brand and visual identity for what I would be using the space for. I chose an unused building that was attached to the visitor centre at Ashridge estate which is a woodland near me. As a young person that enjoys the outdoors I established the idea of turning the space into a sustainable woodland Cafe aimed towards 24-35 year olds. I wanted the café to be a space to be for nature lovers as well as inspire others to connect with nature and explore the woodlands that are available to them.


Dama Dama is a sustainable woodland café located within the Ashridge estate. Our name comes from the Latin word for fallow deer, which reside within the estate. In Fact Ashridge was previously a deer sanctuary further demonstrating its connection to the species, the name also sounds Dama Dama cool. Our visual identity was inspired by the fantastic nature and wildlife that is available to everyone who visits Ashridge. With our identity using a series of geometric designs based on the leaf patterns of Oak and Beech trees found within the estate, as well as resembling the antlers of the fallow deer. Combine this with our goal of being a social hub and a place to come and eat, explore and inspire. It led to a bold and impactful identity that aims to capture the amazing things that nature has to offer and leave you feeling Dama Dama good.

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