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Point To Point

University Final Major Project

-Visual Identity,


-Motion Design


For my Final Major Project I was tasked with creating an outcome of my choosing, so I decided on creating an exhibition on WRC Rally. WRC Rally is an amazing adrenaline fueled motor sport that pushes both man and vehicle to the limits. Why an exhibition? As I dived in and immersed myself in the sport I found that there have been no official WRC Rally exhibitions which amazed me as there is so much to celebrate, past and present, this gave me the opportunity to create an visual identity that would capture the essence of rally and allow me to be experimental with the visuals which I felt was very appropriate for the subject.


Point To Point Is the first official WRC Rally exhibition that truly captures the essence of rally, the name reflects many different aspects of the sport, such as the stages that take place of the travel between locations, rally is always moving from one point to another. Our Visual Identity was influenced by the organised chaos that is so apparent within rally, the type reflects the fearless and limit pushing nature of rally whilst creating a recognisable and impactful identity through structure. WRC Rally is far from pristine and polished, it is a raw and gritty motorsport, shown through the textured background and grainy image treatment, we created physical elements with paint and torn paper to create depth within the design, this is a physical sport after all.


The Identity has a few launch points to help establish this intense and unconventional identity to the public and rally fans. We will be launching our visuals using our secondary type treatment after the exhibitions launch, this focuses much more on the movement and feel of rally, distorted and bold.


Rally has always taken pride in being a motorsport that interacts and is involved so heavily with its fans, so we will be launching the tear it up challenge along side the website, this gives access to all the experimental posters that were created during the development of the identity challenges you to tear it up and create your own unique and daring designs. Visuals are a huge part of rally our bold, chaotic identity deserves to shine.

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