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NRG | Motion

University Second year project


-Motion Design


Young people are watching 49% less traditional television compared to 5 years ago. With the brief, design a dynamic and risky visual identity for a new TV channel aimed at young people aged 18-25. NRG brings this all to your screen.


We are called NRG. Our audience are young, risky, loud and alive! We are different because we challenge the conventional, we are here to deliver invigorating TV. We want audiences to feel ready to sit back and enjoy the culturally dynamic content that we offer. With the aim to educate and excite. 

The visuals for NRG are bold, vibrant and definitely in your face. The idents are dynamic and energetic, the animation represents the concept of getting electrified with information and entertainment. This can be seen within the kinetic typography within the idents. The identity heavily utilises its patterns and the strong contrast created through its colours allowing for the visuals to really pop

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