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Live Brief with Studio Moross

-Brand Identity


-Merchandise Design

-3D Design


As part of a live brief with Studio Moross, we were tasked with designing and developing a merchandise capsule for a music artist of our choice.


I ended up choosing BBNO$ (BABY NO MONEY), the visuals for the merch were heavily inspired by his music and personality, such as his high energy and immature nature as well as being heavily involved in meme culture.


I created playful illustrations that were paired with fun and vibrant colours as well as playful typography to push his personality across, doing this through exploring the ignorant art style. The merch truly embodies his tongue-in-cheek personality. Known for wearing a beanie and embracing the 'skater boy' aesthetic, this merch range is a variation of apparel, patches,  pins, a bobblehead and a 3D collectable to make this capsule unique and wacky, this loud and playful artist isn't slowing down anytime soon.

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